Our Services

The following is a partial list of the most common services we offer:

  • Tax Preparation
  • Tax Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Probate Administration
  • Business Consulting & Advisory Services
  • Accounting Systems Automation Design, Implementation & Training
  • Mortgage Financing and Re-Financing
  • Retirement Plans, including SIMPLEs, SEPs, Defined Benefit/Contribution Plans, 401(k)s, Solo(k)s, IRAs and Rollover Accounts


Other Services

Business Advisory Services

Business Plans, Profitability and cost assessments, Accountable Reimbursement Plans, Health & Welfare Plans

Mortgages & Credit

Mortgage financing, refinancing, credit card consolidation and the buy or lease question.

Probate Administration

Do you know how to probate an estate and why you should open a probate estate even if isn't required? We do!

Accounting Services

Payroll Services

Total payroll services for small business clients.


Complete bookkeeping services for small businesses.

Financial Statements

Monthly, quarterly and year-end Balance sheet and Operating Statements are prepared accurately and timely for a broad range of small business clients.

Automated Accounting Systems Design and Implementation

Accounting systems design, implementation and training.

Tax Preparation Services


Tax returns and filing instructions have been prepared for 1000's of individual clients each year.

Business Tax Returns

A variety of small business tax returns are prepared each year.

Tax Planning

Long term, annual and mid-year tax planning and tax forecasting services.

Estate & Trust Planning

Comprehensive Estate Planning.